Match Maker Schottlander DFC 2010

 Consultation Brentford District Council Hens Theatre Company 2009

 Independence Pays  Dir. Simon Fone  Hawkshead 1997

 AA Guide To Paris Dir. Iain Dunnett   EMG 1997

 Postcodes Address Finder Dir. Clair Macavoy  EMG 1997

 AA Guide To London Dir. Anna Namuren  EMG 1997

 Downside Choir Dir. Mike Christie  E.P.K.  Beleive 1996

 Roadcraft   Dir. Angus Robertson  Police advanced driving course Original Films 1996   

 Bass, Mercury, Bodyshop & Summerfield    Jacaranda 1996

 M&S Business Conference Dir. Chester Dent  Spacexploration 1996
 M&S Ladies Wear Autumn '96  

 The Key to Independence Dir. Morris Baker  Hawkshead 1996

 Midland Bank Making the Difference Dir. Andrew Kerr  World 1995

 Associated British Food Dir. Mark Scothern   Pantechnicon 1995

 M&S Clothes Show Dir. Chester Dent Spacexploration 1995
 Recent Initiatives

 Nat West  ELF Dir. Morris Baker   EMG 1995

 Shopping Mall Dir. Morris Baker  6 Nat West interactive ads for BT   Nat West/BT 1995

 BT; Navigating Video on Demand  Dir. Angus Robertson  Original Films 1995

 World in Action Dir. Gerry Feeny   LCI 1995

 A New Reality Dir. Charles Preece   Jacaranda 1995

 Managing With Style Dir. Lester Millbank    Fenman Training  1995

 Overboard Dir. Morris Baker     Fenman Training 1994

 Difficult People Dir. Jessica Palmer       Fenman Training  1994

 Feedback Techniques Dir. Morris Baker   Fenman Training  1994

 Pippin Dir. Brian Dunnigan Artemis Trust 1994

 Managing Change  The Sunday Times Business Skills Taylor Made Films 1993
 Quality Assurance
 Team management
 Effective Negotiation

 Priority Services Dir. Kira Zurawska   Royal Mail 1993

 Medi-Cine International plc   Six months staff editing 1991/2  Medi-Cine 1991-2

 Incoming Calls Dir. Jan Sargent  Melrose Productions 1992 

 Motivate Your Team Dir. Jan Sargent Melrose Productions 1990
  Best training Film award, New York *Gold Quasar*

 The Complete Telesales Training Kit Dir. Jan Sargent  1988

 Edwards edco 2000 series Dir. Paul Dickson  Paul Dickson 1990         

 Edwards edco 4000 series 1989

 Edwards Makes Installation History  1988

 Solo   Dir. Chester Dent   Lombard Productions TV & Cinema Commercials 1989
 Phantom of the Opera
 Cats' Tights

 What's Electricity? Dir. Michael Apted  Beechurst Productions 1989
  First Assistant/Dubbing Editor for 6 Electricity TV Commercials

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