Professions of Love            10’(off +online)    Dir. Helen Alexander             Unbearable Films
   Explores the parallel between the professions of counseling and prostitution ..


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 Shark                         15’ (16mm)         Dir. Brian Dunnigan             Sidewalk Productions
  The moment of truth arrives when a young man is forced to choose between the stark reality
  of being a debt collector's enforcer or honouring the code of his past life as a boxer.

 Murder in Padua                        15’ (16mm)        Dir. Gerry Feeny                                  LVP/C4
  Highly original short film about money, food, sex and religion  

 Fatherspace                               15’ (16mm)    Dir. Kira Zurawska       First Film Foundation/C4
  New fathers play at being pregnant.

 Roots                                          15’ (16mm)    Dir.Taghi Amirani         First Film Foundation/C4
  2 Asian youths from different cultures need to trust each other

 Magic                          6 x 60’ (co-editor)     Dir. Chester Dent                     LVP/NDR
  Behind the scenes theatre drama set in Hamburg.

 Revolver                      10’ (35mm)     Dir. Chester Dent           National Film & TV School
  Liam Neeson is a man contemplating marriage.
  Cannes short film selection, winner of over a dozen awards

 Hero Hungry                30’ (16mm)     Dir. Kira Zurawska      National Film & TV School/C4
  Susannah Doyle & Christopher Fulford star in a newspaper war comedy.

 Rarg                         23’ (35mm)    Dir. Tony Collingwood        National Film & TV School
  A land so perfect that the sun never rose until it was absolutely sure that everyone was awake    
  BAFTA nominated, Won the Best Children's Animated Film award at the British Animation
  Festival and a Silver Plaque at the Chicago International Film Festival

 Veronico Cruz                96’ (35mm assistant editor)   Dir. Miguel Pereira             BFI/C4
  An Argentine elementary-school teacher sent by the government to a rural hamlet n the north-western   province of Jujuy.
  Winner of the ‘Silver Bear’ at Berlin and ‘Oscar’ nomination for Best Foreign Film

 Passing Glory                 25’ (16mm)   Dir. Gillies Mackinnon      National Film & TV School
  Exploring political and social realities in Glasgow, where the combination mythical imagery, anger
  & sorrow leaves a poignant taste.  First Scottish Film Prize, Edinburgh Film Festival

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