Car SOS series 8                      5 x 45’ (Avid offline)                    Renegade/ Nat Geo/C4
Tim & Fuzz restore a Porshe 365, Hillman Imp, FergusonTE20, and a Mitsubishi EVO4         

Apocalypse Cow       43’ (offline Avid)         Arrow/C4
George Monbiot argues that how we feed ourselves is driving us to global disaster

Sewermenseries 1 Ep6       46’ (Avid offline)                       Label1 /C5
Specialist divers battle low visibility and marine debris to clean submerged outfall pipe

HOW do animals do that?       (offline Avid)         WAG/animal planet
George Monbiot argues that how we feed ourselves is driving us to global disaster

Car SOS series 7                      4 x 44’ (Avid offline)                    Renegade/ Nat Geo/C4
Tim & Fuzz restore a Landrover series 2, Triumph TR4, Ford model A, and a VW Camper Van         

Strip The Cosmos series 3 Ep1 & 6      2 x 43’ (offline Avid)         Windfall films/Discovery Science
Oumuamua, 1st interstellar visitor seen in our solar system & Ep6: Violent storms on distant planets

My Floating Homes:                      4 x 21.10' (offline Avid)                  Windfall films/ FYI/C4
Fraese, Oakley, Olsen & Spokes 4 amazing building projects to create a home on water                   

Car SOS series 6                       3 x 44’ (Avid offline)                    Renegade/ Nat Geo/C4
Tim & Fuzz restore a Karmann Gira, Peugeot 205 & Triumph GT6 for unsuspecting owners

Inside Balmoral  Ep2                                 1 x 43’ (Avid offline)                       Arrow Media /C5
Balmoral 1955-92, Queen Elizabeth’s summer retreat, a story of monarchy and motherhood

5 Go Motorhoming  Ep2                               1 x 44’ (Avid offline)                        Ricochet /C5
5 Celebrities rough it through North Wales on a motorhoming holiday

All Aboard the Yorkshire Express        1 x 44’ (Avid offline)                   Darlow Smithson /C5
Life on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, train spotters of all flavors keep steam engines alive

My Life 2: From China With Love      1 x 28.30’ (FCP offline)                 Flying Elephants/CBBC
Chinese orphan girls adopted by British families share their experiences                                             

Nazi Megastructures series 4 Luftwaffe    1 x 44’ (Avid offline)     Darlow Smithson/ Nat Geo/C4
Rise & fall of the Luftwaffe with insights from German fighter ace Gunter Rall                                  

Car SOS series 5                       3 x 44’ (Avid offline)                    Renegade/ Nat Geo/C4
Tim & Fuzz restore a Jaguar MK2, Austin Martin DB6 & Renault 5                                                

Gold Rush series 7 Ep2                  43.30’ (offline Avid)                        Raw/ Discovery
Discovery’s top rating show strikes gold again                                                                                          

Stars in their Cars                        3 x 23’ (Avid offline)     Shiver TV/ The Travel Channel
Paddy McGuinness takes Neil Morrisey, Phil Tuffnel and Patsy Kensit on a drive down memory lane        

The Rise and Fall of FHM                   4.30 (offline Avid)                      hungry bear/ITV2
For 30 years the main stay of UK men’s magazines published it’s final addition                                          

SOS series 4 Datsun Z240, & Volvo P1800       2x 44’ (Avid offline)       Renegade/ Nat Goe/C4
Fuzz & Tim restore a 1971 Datsun Z240 and a 1962 Volvo P1800 (with Roger Moore) 

Amish Dream Homes, Montana & Kansas        2x 43’ (Avid offline)                   Windfall films/HGTV
Amish builders bring dreams of log cabins to fruition   

Ultimate Airport Series 3 Ep6 & 8     2 x 44.00’ (Avid offline)               Arrow/ Nat Goe international 
Behind the scenes at Dubai international airport   

Car SOS series 3  Sprite, Lancia & Citroen     3x 44’ (Avid offline)              Renegade/ Nat Goe/C4
Reunite a Sebring Sprite with Sir Sterling Moss, restore a Lancia Flavia & a Citroen Traction Avant   

Strip the Comos: Alien Worlds             43’ (Avid)              Windfall films/Discovery Science
Revealing the most likely places in the universe to harbour life  

Ultimate Airport Series 2 Ep7               44.00’ (Avid offline)                 Arrow/ Nat Goe international 
Dubai international airport bussiest tranfer hub in the world. A380 C check.  

Street Genius                                        2x  23’ (Avid offline)                     Renegade/ Nat Goe
Tim Shaw takes science and engineering to the streets to amaze and dumbfound in equal measure

Bear Grylls Man vs Everest                   43’ (Avid 2nd editor)                 Barcorft/Discovery Science
Crazy stories from the world's tallest mountain

Strip the City: Venice, New York & New Orleans   3x 43’ (Avid)  Windfall films/Discovery Science
Revealing the technology, engineering and infrastructure that keeps these cities thriving

Car SOS Series 2 (Porsche, Landrover & Escort)      3x  44’ (Avid offline)         Renegade/ Nat Goe
Fuzz & Tim, steal restore  & return these 3 great classic Cars                                             

Cool Stuff                  video inserts (offline Avid)                      360productions/BBCworldwide
Science show dissecting the coolest things in the Universe                                                          

car vs wild Ep2 Mexican Alps             45’ (offline Avid)                         Dragonfly/ Discovery
Drive, survive and thrive in the Mexican Alps, extreme rock driving to a platform in the sky              

car vs wild Ep6 Jungle                       45’ (offline Avid)                         Dragonfly/ Discovery
How to drive & survive in the Jungle, extreme driving to an ancient sacrificial volcanic lake   

Ultimate Airport Ep6                         48.00’ (Avid offline)                 Arrow/ Nat Goe international 
Dubai international airport fast becoming the busiest hub in the world                                                    

The complete guide to Aliens       90.00’ (Avid offline Second editor)       Arrow/ Discovery Science
The science behind Aliens, are they out there, when will they visit?              

Ultimate Battles Ep4 Kandahar                       44.30’ (FCP offline)           Arrow/ Discovery Military  
The battle of Sparwan Ghar the strategic heart of Kandahar, turning point of the war in Afghanistan

Gold Rush Series 3 Ep3                          43.30’ (offline Avid)                           Raw/ Discovery
Gold mining saga, American dream, Discovery’s top rating show strikes gold again  

Brave New World - Ep1 Machines       48’ (off line Avid)                              IWCmedia/C4
  Machines of the future, driverless cars, mind brain interfaces, robots & exoskeletons

Jack the Ripper - The Definitive Story        90’ (off/online FCP)                 Bullseye lantern /C5
  Docudrama dispelling the myths that have long surrounded the most infamous murder cases in history


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 Mud Men                                    2 x 46’  (offline Avid)                ITN factual/History
  Johnny Vaughn digs on the Thames foreshore to discovery London’s rich history.

 BTS David Attenborough's 3D flying Monsters    44’ (offline Avid)           Atlantic Flims/Sky1
  Behind the scenes documentary on the making of David Attenborough's 3D flying Monsters.

 Hoover Dam By-Pass                           42’  (offline Avid)                Steelspyda/NatGoe
  Mega Structure: The challenge of building the new Colorado Bridge that over looks the Hoover Dam

 Richard Hammond's Invisible World             (Final Cut Pro offline)                                    BBC1
  Additional editing on parts 1 & 3 BBC1's flagship science show

 High Speed 1                      42’ Documentary (offline Avid)                   Steelspyda/Nat Goe
  Rebuilding St Pancras & constructing the high speed railroad linking London to the Channel Tunnel

 3 Mediums                                                  2 x 42’ (online)                                     IPM/Living
  Mediums Colin Fry, TJ Higgs & Derek Acorah live at the Hammersmith Apollo..

 Medics: Emergency Doctor            10 x 23’ series (off + online)                      Steel Sydia/Nat Geo
  Adrenalised documentary series following East Anglia’s emergency helicopter ambulance service.

 National Teasures                           3 x 23’ series (offline)                 Ballista/The History Channel
  Peter Snows tours Dover Castle, Neil Oliver visits Hadrian’s Wall, Connie Huq goes to Osborne House.

 Animal Cops - Houston                  2 x 50’ series (offline)                          ITV Anglia/Animal Planet
  Documentary series following officers fighting to combat Animal cruelty…

 Legend Detectives                           2 x 50’ series (off +online)                                IPM/Discovery
  Robin Hood & The Man in the Iron Mask, fact or fiction…

 Running away to the Circus          8 x 30' (co-editor offline)                        eye film & TV/Anglia
  Thrills & spills of Circus life through the eyes of a first time Ring Mistress.

 A Different Life series 1&2         7 x 30’ Documentaries (online Avid)               eye film & TV/C5
   Children tell their stories of life outside the mainstream.

 You Know What I’m Sayin         13 x 30’ Documentary (online)                     Flying Elephants/C5
  Teenagers from 7 countries talk about life, relationships and everything.

 Miracles of Faith               4 x 30’ Documentary (off & online)                   Flying Elephants/C5
  Stories of contemporary Miracles.

 Matis, The Return of the Ancestors      60’ Documentary (offline)                 Essential/Discovery
  Witness a cultural revival of these native Amazonians.

 Fayu, The River People                        60’ Documentary(offline)                        Essential/Discovery
  The vanishing way of life of this warrior race,

 Curly’s Airship                  30’ Documentary (off + online)                              Gwynhelek/HTV
   How the CD songstory of the R.101 airship disaster of 1930 was made. Dir. Morris Baker

 First Kiss                 13 x 30’ Documentary (off & online)                          Flying Elephants/C5
  Teenagers from 7 countries talk about life, love and everything.

 Bishop Bill                      4 x 30’ Documentary (off + online)                     Gwynhelek/Carlton
   A year in the life of the Right Reverend Bill Ind Bishop of Truro, priest and raconteur.

 My Story                        26 x 10’ series (off & online)                         Flying Elephants/C5
  26 Teenagers tell their stories of life in contemporary Britain.

 The Work of Yat Malmgren         30’ Documentary (off + online)                     Moyla productions
  Theater guru Yat Malmgren (aged 80) gives master class on acting

 Ely Cathedral                   40’ Documentary (off + online)           Lester Millbank productionss
  A year in the life of Ely Cathedral.

 The Dream Team                60’ Sport’s documentary (offline)                                 TWI /Sky
  The US Olympic basketball team take on the world & win.

 A Gypsy in Africa                     60’ Documentary (offline)                         LVP/Discovery
  Great white hunter Bunny Allen, A Life of Safaris & romance.

 Angleterre Underground                60’ Documentary (offline)                                       LVP/C4
  Edward Porembny’s anthropological film about New Age Travelers Dir. Edward Porembny

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